About 亚博亚洲平台信誉

亚博亚洲平台信誉 is a leading mobile digital marketing company with great strength in big data analysis. The company has been dedicating in the study and creative application of big data technologies since its establishment in December 2015. The headquater locates in Beijing. 亚博亚洲平台信誉 successfully built up an advertising platform which can collect users' info though mobile devices and then conduct large scales of data analysis in order to precisely target to specific audiences. Now, 亚博亚洲平台信誉 has become one of the fastest growing mobile advertisement platforms, and provides big data marketing solutions to thousands of clients from all over the world. Now we have a team of 25 professionals.


Integration, Creativity, Honesty

Managing Team

Liu Xiaoxi

As one of the early internet practitioners in China, Mr. Liu once worked in TOM Group and some other pioneering internet companies and has accumulated great connections in this industry and is able to grasp the profession tendency by his forward-looking vision.

Yang Shuhai

Once worked as software architect in Jike Education School, Mr. Yang is an expert in highly available architecture and big data analysis, with affluent experience in internet architecture and software development.

Kong Xiangjun
Product Operation/VP

Mr. Kong is one of the earliest internet practitioners in China and has sufficient product operation experience and business sense in the industry, personally successfully promotes many product into the highlight.