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A leading global advertising platform, an expert in traffic monetizing.


Provide the best customized marketing resolutions for Chinese and overseas developers, publishers and international operation solution and service for game developers and apps.


亚博亚洲平台信誉 cooperates with most mobile manufacturers, possesses powerful channel resources, connects to thousands of games and App developers.


Big data analysis capability, user image category database, precise market targeting solution, great monetizing service!


Establishing the worldwide reliable and safe ads monetizing channel, discover the unlimited potential of advertising market!


Headquartered in Beijing, branches in HongKong and Shenzhen.

01. 亚博亚洲平台信誉 Big Data

Big data is company's core value. 亚博亚洲平台信誉 conducts large scales of analysis based on the big data that it collects and make sure the mobile manufacturers approach the targeted audiences and send to users different types of ads. 亚博亚洲平台信誉 makes a perfect use of all the supported data, therefore possesses comprehensive understanding to how users employ their mobile devices and in the end sends more optimized software to them. In this way, not only do users enjoy a better experience, but also to help the advertisers achieve a good revenue, an absolute win-win solution!

02. Precise Market Targeting

亚博亚洲平台信誉 tightly cooperates with mobile manufacturers, covering tens of millions of Chinese and overseas mobile devices. Free from the traditional ads limitations, 亚博亚洲平台信誉 is able to send precise ads that users momentarily in need through time, app, geo, frequency and retention devices orientations.

03. Mobile Internet   Advertisement Platform

Combining its advantages of the Big Data Analysis, the access to User Image, and its Precise Market Targeting capability, 亚博亚洲平台信誉 builds up a international mobile internet advertisement platform, mainly serves advertisers in Finance, News, Games and other industries, at the meantime, provides a better way for publisher and mobile manufacturers to monetize their traffic and promote brands.


• Native Ads. Provide creative ads types, for example native ads and accurately send ads to targeted users. The click rate for native ads is 220% higher than others.
• Affiliates. Provide standardized channel connections that covering the whole world, help affiliates obtain large amount of users within short time as well as make advertised products quickly occupy the targeted market.


• 亚博亚洲平台信誉 collects user's info through mobile devices and then conducts large scales of data analysis in order to categorize users, and make sure a precise targeting effect. Help advertisers increase ROI.

Mobile Manufactures

• Characterized and creative native ads make App's more attractive and unique in users' eyes.
• Automatically optimized tools ensure a maximized eCPM rate.
• Convenient API& SDK insertion bring in a large number of ads resources, remain a higher ads fill rate.


We provide fruitful results for clients


WHY CHOOSE 亚博亚洲平台信誉?

亚博亚洲平台信誉 dedicates to developing potential developers, mobile manufacturer traffic, in order to obtain more high quality users and present the best advertising service!


We possess tens of millions of daily active users, could analyze and putting consumers into categories based on multiple terminal, time and behavior targeting, to make sure ads goes to its targeted users.

Mobile Hardware Manufacturers

We provide worldwide ads resources, directly work with Google Play, Baidu and Tencent, give developers only the good quality ads to maximize their monetization.

Ads Type

We present multiple ads type choices, including interstitial, banner, notification bar, native ads, charging ads, install and uninstall ads and so on, customized ads according to the app scenario, improve user’s experience while maximize income.

Real-time Data Analysis

You can get real-time and transparent data reports and the analyzing results of ECPM、CPA、CPC、CR、CTR in multi-dimension, make sure that you know how the advertising effect turns out.

Interstitial Ads

As the ads type of the highest click and conversion rates, its large and impressive creatives attracts attention of more users.

Native Ads

You can get access to our ads materials through API insertion, including the ads title, creatives, descriptions..make your apps look more appealing!


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